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All Quotes / Bookings etc. are subject to:-

These conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing.

The Hirer.

The named hirer acts on behalf of all the passengers travelling in the vehicle, Coopers Mini Coaches (hereon known as CMC) will only accept instructions from the hirer, the hirer will be made aware and accept the terms conditions upon acceptance of the booking.


1.       Whilst CMC vehicles are legally insured. Travel in our vehicles are at passenger's own risk, we do not accept responsibility or any liability for any loss or damage howsoever caused.
2.       Personnel travel Insurance is strongly recommended for all trips.



2.        An (£60min) deposit per vehicle WILL be required to secure your booking date and time (non refundable, unless time slot already taken).

3.        For late bookings and on "special events" days (see below). FULL payment will be required.

4.       Credit / Debit card facilities are available through the payments page.


1.       Receipt of full payment required seven days prior to the booked date.


1.       Invoicing will incur a 20% surcharge and a 30 day payment limit.


1.    Quotes are given on the basis of the direct route from base to pickup and drop-off points and on information provided by the hirer in writing/email.

2.    Distances greater than 50 miles include waiting and parking fees, unless otherwise stated.

3.    All quotes are given subject to the CMC having a suitable vehicle at the time the hirer accepts the quotation. 

4.    All quotes are valid for one calendar month only.

5.    CMC reserves the right to accept other bookings on a first come first served basis upon receipt of a deposit.

Late Bookings.
1.    "Pay the driver (as soon as you see him) on the day" will ONLY be offered as a last resort and will incur a small charge, he will be instructed not to drive away until paid IN FULL see also "Late Boarding".

Amendment to Quote.

1.    Extra /Added pick-up/drop-off points not allowed for, will be chargeable and only permitted if time allows.
2.    Amended booking times if allowed, will be chargeable per hour.
3.    See also, Special Events Days.
4.    CMC reserve the right to substitute the 12 seat vehicle for a 16 seat when required at no extra cost to the hirer.


The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and all the passengers on board hence:

1.   For the comfort and safety of all passengers and driver. Passengers deemed to be "over the drink limit" loud and /or abusive, will only travel in the opinion of the driver.
2.    A £80 surcharge will become payable instantly to the driver upon any person's body fluid in the vehicle and will involve the police (£100 if invoiced).
3.    Criminal damage to the vehicle will be chargeable and will involve the police.
4.    In the event of circumstances delaying the booking CMC will not offer refunds or compensation nor accept any claim for additional expenses incurred.

Late Boarding.

1.    In the event that passengers delay the driver for more than 15 minutes after the arranged pickup time, CMC reserve the right to withdraw the hire in such circumstances where the delay would compromise a subsequent booking. CMC will not offer refunds or compensation.

Comfort Breaks/Stops
1.    For journeys less than 2.1/2hrs in length comfort breaks are NOT planned and may be chargeable by the driver, unless driver hours intervene.
2.    For journeys over 2.1/2hrs a max 20min break will be planned.
Refreshments On-board.

For the comfort of all passengers confectionary and soft drinks only on-board.

Definitely NO:-
1.    Greasy / odorous food e.g. chips, burgers etc.

2.    Alcohol.

3.    Smoking 
at all times.


1.      If you cancel within two days of booked date. NO REFUND.

2.      If you cancel within seven days of booked date. 60% of balance refund ONLY.

3.      If you cancel before seven days of date booked 100% of balance refund ONLY.
4.     Cancellations by CMC 100% refund only.


1.     The hirer must not exceed the vehicles stated seating capacity.
2.     All seats are provided with 3 point seatbelts and must be used at all times.

Child Seats
1.     For the comfort and safety of all children please supply and fit their usual seat behind the front seats of the vehicle.(customer to supply).

2.     All child seats can be stored for return journeys free of charge.
Lost Property.

1.      Property will be held in the office for two weeks then will be disposed of.

2.      Reclaimed property will be at the owner's expense.


1.    Guide dogs only allowed in the vehicle, other animals at the discression of the diver, a cleaning charge may apply.

Use of Vehicle.

1.    The hirer cannot assume the use of the vehicle between outward and return journeys, nor that it will remain at the destination for the hirers use unless arranged in advance.
2.    CMC reserves the right to substitute another vehicle from another company.


1.     The driver will not stop for passengers wanting the "cash machine," or "food to take home" etc.

2.      In the event of passengers being delayed boarding (airport returns etc) the driver may ask for extra payment for waiting time.

1.     CMC gives advice on journey times in good faith, However, as a result of breakdown, traffic conjestion or events beyond the drivers control, journeys may take longer than predicted in these circumstances CMC will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience suffered by the hirer as a result and passengers are advised to take out personal travel insurance for such occasions.

We will however in the event of a breakdown:-

2a     Attempt to repair the vehicle with roadside assistance and continue your journey.

2b     Call out other vehicle/s and continue or return all passengers to pickup points via other means.

Special Events days.

All Bank Holiday weekends and Cheltenham Race Meetings:-

1.     No last minute verbal alterations will be allowed to the booking.
Airport Runs

1.    CMC cannot be responsible for missed departures due to traffic delays, late passengers or at the wrong location.

2.    Due to weight of some luggage, the driver may ask the passenger to lift the case into and out of, the vehicle.
3.    Cardiff airport quotes include the Severn bridge toll.

Airport Collections.

1.    All returns include up to 1hr waiting (after landing time) and minimum parking charges are included in the quote.
2.    The vehicle will enter the coach pick-up point/carpark when ALL passengers are assembled for swift a departure (mobile phone contact will be required). 
Pickups from diverted flight airports will be chargeable depending where our vehicle is at the time.

Note: These terms are regularly updated
Last amended date  10/4/18